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Minority leader accuses Parliament of passing bills in rush
News Date: 4th June 2010

The acting Minority Leader in Parliament has accused the - House of passing some bills in rush. Hon. Emmanuel Tommy made the reaction Tuesday in Parliament during a deliberation on the Weights and Measures Bill which is presently at the Legislative Committee awaiting further deliberations.

He alleged that most bills are not given due time to be looked into prior to enactment and this situation has raised concerns from the public especially their constituents who are always yearning to get sensitization on bills before they are passed into law.

The Parliamentarian further claimed that a bill like the Weights and Measures Bill needs thorough sensitization in the provinces where people are mostly illiterate and still use pounds, miles, bushels, etc as unit of measurement. “The people therefore need to know the effect of the bill to the economy and the market”, he noted. However, Hon Emmanuel Tommy's statement was sharply countered by the Majority Leader Hon. Sheku B. Dumbuya considering the fact that most bills brought before Parliament are passed because of their exigencies. ” Most bills brought before us are very crucial to the development of the state and we deem it fit to pass them without delay,” he opined.

The Deputy Speaker Hon. Chukuma Johnson buttressed by saying that “Parliament has a procedure and once bills brought before us go through their required processes and procedures successfully we are bound to pass them”

Source: Awoko.org

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