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Security alerts in Nigeria
News Date: 22nd March 2011

n the 31st of January, 2011, I received a not-so-good message from an anonymous person, which read: A reliable person sent this text. Please help tell people you know in Nigeria that they should not buy eatable items from...... hawkers. They have decided in their meeting to poison drinks they sell at.......areas and towns to kill..... from tomorrow! Please help spread the news.

Islamists attack Nigerian official's home

This text which supposedly made the rounds across the country between the months of January and February leaves so much to be desired. I tried to think that it meant nothing but I am equally led to believe otherwise by unfolding events. The continued security issues across the country could make one to believe just about anything of such magnitude.

However, the piece looks very much like I would call a ‘tokunbo’ message. While one keeps wondering whether or not this is a propaganda, it is therefore very important that the Nigerian brotherhood in the Diaspora should be very careful with whatever information they send home, while home-based mischief makers should turn a new leaf and work towards ensuring the reign of peace and harmony and help diminish negative primordial and religious borders across the country.

Obviously, the recent happenings across the country, both those politically motivated and those that were religiously triggered make the message very veracious. Just on Sunday morning, two men riding on a motorbike stopped and quizzed by a team of security agents for possessing wrapped items suspected to be explosives met their waterloo shortly after being interrogated and discharged, but they could not complete their evil mission as their time-bomb exploded in their own hands near the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) about five minutes after they zoomed off the army checkpoint.

They were killed instantly by their own weapons before the arrival of police anti-bomb unit who had earlier been alerted about the suspects. Unfortunately two other persons were found dead near the scene, but they had not been linked to the explosion. Reports also have it that another item suspected to be explosive was recovered around the premises of Mountain of Fire and Miracles Ministry same day.

Again, the growing vandalism and looting of party secretariats and campaign offices, as well as political rivalries across the country should be seen as Early Warning Signs (EWS) which apparently demand Early Warning Responses (EWR). Therefore, government should equip and detail more security operatives in all corners of the country to safeguard life and property of all citizens of Nigeria.

Above-all, the police and all other security agents, including the army, should open their eyes properly everywhere in the country, especially in the volatile areas of Northern Nigeria and the core Niger Delta region during this electioneering season. What sense would it make if after the elections the leaders find no followers behind them?

Source: www.africanews

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